Luxury villa on the French Riviera

Pearl of the Cote d’Azur

Luxurious retreat in pastel colors

We are proud to present a luxury villa in pastel tones that embodies luxe and the art of design. This vision has been made possible through collaboration with the architecture and design firm 2K Bureau, founded by Architect Margarita Kudlaenko and Designer Tatyana Kharchenko.
The project came to life to meet the needs of a client who wanted a dream apartment, a true luxury vacation retreat on the picturesque coast of southern France. The goal was to create a space in pastel tones and strong accents with classic style for a unique project.
The distinctiveness of Angelo Cappellini’s classic furniture made it possible to create a unique atmosphere of timeless elegance.
The pastel color palette chosen for the interior gives the villa an aura of freshness and sophistication. However, there is no shortage of bold design accents that gently break up the sobriety of the rooms, creating a fascinating and unique dynamism.
Every detail of this villa has been taken care of with the utmost attention. From the furniture finishes to the carefully selected decorations, everything contributes to an extraordinary experience. The interiors embrace natural light and offer panoramic views of the beautiful coastline, creating an atmosphere of total connection with the surrounding nature.

Sissi bed: the star of a dream room

In the master bedroom, immersed in a refined atmosphere, walls wrapped in natural-textured wallpaper with a dove gray base and patterns in delicate beige tones provide a backdrop for the real star of this bedroom, the magnificent Sissi bed. This work of art is made in a black finish with gold details that catch the eye in a unique visual harmony. The headboard, dressed in natural Vienna straw and footboard in a mix of gray fabric and straw, add a touch of timeless elegance.

The bench placed in front of the bed is also covered in Vienna straw, but this time with a patinated gold leaf finish. This element not only serves as a complement to the bed, but also stands out as a creation of rare beauty, giving the room an even more luxurious dimension.

The finishing touch to this dreamy bedroom is the dressing table with mirror reflecting its elegance and an armchair that invites to relax. These elements integrate very gracefully with the nightstands and chest of drawers, which were selected with great care and attention by the designers. Their provenance dates back to French antique markets, evidence of a love of the past and vintage craftsmanship.

Elegance and brightness: the Florida dining room.

In the dining room where light plays a key role, the choice fell on the Florida collection with seats equipped with Vienna straw backs that allow light to permeate the room, creating a feeling of spaciousness and brightness. The table, with a white finish enhanced by silver details, catches the eye with its timeless elegance. The natural walnut top adds a touch of warmth and subtle contrast, making the table a perfect focal point.
Complements such as flower stands and a trolley for serving food complete the rich and elegant atmosphere of this dining room. In addition to being functional, the food cart is a design element that adds an extra touch of luxury and practicality.
A key element in enriching the room is luxurious curtains that soften the light and create a cozy atmosphere. Wallpaper in green tones with floral patterns gives the room an aura of elegance and sophistication.

The combination of art and design: hand sketches for a luxury villa

The talented founders of 2kb Bureau studio, called on artist Polina Rekish for a unique collaboration. The goal was fascinating: create a series of sketches and illustrations for an interior design of a villa located in a lovely location by the sea. This villa promised to be a masterpiece of design, and Margarita and Tatyana wanted to make sure that every detail was captured with precision and elegance.
To accomplish this task, the artist was provided with a package of detailed information, ensuring that each view captured the beauty and essence of the project to translate this information into a series of refined sketches.
Each board represented a fragment of vision, a unique perspective on the beauty of the seaside villa’s interior. The artist was responsible for capturing the light filtering through the windows, bringing the details of the furniture to life, and capturing the overall atmosphere of the environment. Each sketch was a window into a world of elegance and style, a preview of what the mansion would become when completed.
The artist’s precision, attention to detail and creativity merged with 2kbureau’s vision resulting in an extraordinary interior design that would pay homage to the natural beauty of the site.

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