Bed with Baroque style headboard

The bed with Baroque style headboard Biffi catches the eye by conveying a sense of the luxury and opulence that characterizes the historical period. The fine fabric covering the headboard expresses timeless elegance

Our bed collection is distinguished by its elegance and the possibility of customization, in addition to different wood finishes, we offer a wide selection of fabrics and fine leathers to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Custom models can be made to make each piece unique and perfectly integrated into the design.

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Bed art. 30222/TG18: cm. W 184 D 212 H 173

Bed art. 30222/TG19: cm. W 199 D 217 H 173

Bed art. 30222/TG21: cm. W 219 D 222 H 173

Bed with Baroque style headboard Biffi

letto testata barocco dettaglio

Headboard with rich central carving

The headboard of the Biffi bed is a marvel of carving, where the cymatium stands as a hand-carved masterpiece. These intricate details capture the eye and imagination, conveying a sense of luxury and opulence that distinguishes the Baroque period. This bed is a work of art that transforms the bedroom into a place of splendor and luxurious opulence.

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