More than a century of woodworking experience for Angelo Cappellini, a reality rooted in Brianza, a territory of excellence and craftsmanship in woodworking. From the artisan workshop founded in 1886, to the first collection presented in the 1960s, the brand's evolution has been constant.

Be Spoke

Bespoke solutions for timeless interiors. Perception of detail and flexibility in meeting the demands and needs of the client distinguish the company's approach, which is intrinsically linked to customization and personalization. The result is an exclusive proposal, each piece is unique and encompasses fine craftsmanship.


Traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence are the pillars on which Angelo Cappellini has built its savoir-faire, preserving techniques and knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Prominent among these are carving and inlaying, two procedures that enhance the value of wood through precious handcrafted decorations.