With over a century’s experience in woodworking, Angelo Cappellini is deeply rooted in Brianza, an area strongly characterized by craftsmanship and cabinet making. From the craft workshop set up in 1886, to the first collection presented in the sixties, the brand has never ceased to evolve.

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Bespoke solutions for timeless interiors. An acute perception of detailing and a flexible approach to customer satisfaction and requirements are the distinctive traits of the firm, intrinsically bound to custom-made furnishing solutions that lend themselves to personalization. The result is an exclusive product offering, in which each piece is unique and defined by artisanal processes of great finesse.

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Craft production

Artisanal knowhow and stylistic virtuosity. Artisanal tradition and manufacturing excellence are the pillars on which Angelo Cappellini have built their savoir-faire, while preserving the techniques and expertise handed down from one generation to the next. Two of the most outstanding of these are carving and inlayed work, two processes which enhance the value of wood with precious hand-crafted decorations.

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