Louis XV dining room

The Louis XV dining room Raffaello enchants with its undulating profiles that elegantly evoke the furniture of the period.

In the center of the room, a table supported by finely crafted bases stands out, representing an unparalleled example of craftsmanship. Sinuous lines and curves gracefully caress every detail of the components of this sumptuous room, from the legs of the chairs to those of the complementary furniture, characterized by “s-shaped” profiles that end in a delicate curl. Last but not least, the careful finishing of the collection’s wooden parts, expertly polished and embellished with gold leaf details, lends an additional touch of refinement and sophistication to the entire environment.

Our dining rooms are characterized by their elegance and the possibility of customization. Each collection consists of a table, dining chairs and furniture complements to create a complete area. In addition to the specifications in the catalog, each model can be custom crafted, making each piece unique and seamlessly integrated into the design.

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Louis XV dining room Raffaello for an elegant and refined atmosphere

Louis XV style chair and dining armchair

The Louis XV seating coordinated with the room stands out for its refined elegance, thanks to the sinuous lines of the legs and backrest embellished with delicate floral carvings.

Because of their compact size, both chairs and dining armchairs can be used around smaller sized tables without ever compromising the elegance of the room.

In addition, the many fabric and finish options available allow for endless combinations of colors and textures in order to reflect each customer’s taste and style.

sala da pranzo luigi xv dettaglio

Louis XV table with carved bases

The Louis XV-style table has a solid aesthetic, given by the exquisite finely carved bases that support the top.

Despite its massive structure, the table expresses a timeless elegance, thanks to the delicate carvings that decorate it with grace and balance.

Available in different sizes, this piece of furniture offers the possibility of adding extensions to adapt with extreme flexibility to every need and situation.


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Technical info

Table /25: cm. W 250 D 120 H 76

Table /30: cm. W 300 D 130 H 76

Chair: cm. W 53 D 60 H 112

Dining armchair: cm. W 63 D 68 H 112

Sideboard: cm. W 213 D 55 H 90

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