Vienna straw domed armchair

The Vienna straw domed armchair in Louis XV style provides an authentic refuge of comfort and coziness. Its enveloping seat gently accommodates, ensuring maximum relaxation, while the dome made of Vienna straw provides an atmosphere of enveloping privacy without obstructing light penetration. An extraordinary balance of comfort and elegance, this chair is perfect for those who wish to immerse themselves in a world of relaxation and serenity.

The armchairs in our collection are characterized by their elegance and the possibility of customization. In addition to the specifications in the catalog, each item can be custom-made to fit seamlessly into any project.

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Vienna straw domed armchair art. 39109/C: cm. W 82 D 95 H 151

Domed armchair art. 39109: cm. W 82 D 95 H 151

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Vienna straw domed armchair

poltrona cupola con paglia di vienna dettaglio

Vienna straw dome

The upper section of the armchair reveals majestic finely carved solid woodwork, complemented by fine Vienna straw weaving, whose texture emphasizes coziness without compromising brightness. This armchair stands as the ideal accompaniment for moments of serene reading, transforming the bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility and refinement. A jewel of furniture intended for those who appreciate the art of unparalleled comfort and aesthetics.

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