Classic furniture for customized luxury projects

Classic furniture for customized luxury projects

Among the Italian producers of high-level classic furniture, Angelo Cappellini certainly stands out as one of the leading players thanks to its extensive catalogs of luxury pieces destined for every area of the house – and also for its customized luxury interior design projects.

Angelo Cappellini’s famous versatility and flexibility allow the company to deal with large-scale and highly complex orders, always responding to functional and stylistic requests in the impeccable manner that is so embedded in this Italian brand’s DNA.

The artisanal experience is the foundation for customized interior design projects that highlight the timeless beauty of classic furniture: the design and manufacturing of complete luxury settings where each classic furnishing piece converses with structural elements such as wooded boiserie (in current times, wainscotting has been living a second youth) that covers both walls and ceilings, creating a stunning “total look” visual effect and a top-notch experience for the people who inhabit the spaces.

At the heart of Angelo Cappellini’s “bespoke approach” to classic interior design is the ability to successfully combine industrial production and artisanal vocation. It is precisely this attitude that ensures the accurate customization of every furnishing detail based on the client’s indications and desires in terms of aesthetics and performance.

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Angelo Cappellini: classic bespoke furniture for unique luxury settings

If, on the one hand, Angelo Cappellini’s vast catalogs of classic furniture exceed every expectation in terms of luxury settings, on the other hand it’s the company’s ability to modify its products in their size and design that makes the brand one of the most sought-after in the world when it comes to customized projects for every environment.

Thanks to its dedicated internal Technical Office, Angelo Cappellini can design bespoke boiserie, walk-in closets, kitchens, and virtually any other classic furnishing element for living and dining rooms, bedrooms and offices, whether residential or contract, private or public, providing the client with the objective benefit of having one single representative for the entire project.

The brand’s experience in custom interior design has consolidated over the years with the creation of public spaces such as hotels, embassies, restaurants and theaters all over the world.

One of the most significant projects in terms of complexity was the supply of all the seats for the Et Cetera theater in Moscow: hundreds of chairs and seats that differ in style, model, finishes and fabrics, but are united by the same reclining seat. A challenge successfully overcome by Angelo Cappellini’s design office that, after carefully listening to the client’s request, fully epitomized the uniqueness of such a prestigious setting.

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Another important project carried out thanks to the skills of the company’s technical studio was the complete supply of all fifty-seven rooms and twelve suites of the Hotel Balzac in Paris.

For this project, Angelo Cappellini customized the beds and bedside tables from the Borodin collection, adapting them to the size of the rooms.

In addition, all TV stands were designed and manufactured from scratch.

It is also worth mentioning the project Angelo Cappellini developed for the Hotel Bristol’s “Le Grand Cafè” restaurant in Odessa, Ukraine, where the company carried out several customized interventions.

More specifically, the environment includes dining sofas obtained by customizing catalog armchairs in different sizes, with high and low backs; tables with tops of different shapes and sizes; and embroidery customized with the hotel logo on all the armchair backs.

Bespoke classic furniture: the timeless beauty of Angelo Cappellini’s solutions

The previous examples make it quite clear that, when it comes to interior design, very little can match the timeless elegance of classic furniture. And when it comes to classic furniture for luxury settings, the quality and craftsmanship of Angelo Cappellini is truly unique.

The brand has become synonymous with sheer Italian luxury and elegance thanks to classic furniture pieces crafted by skilled artisans using the finest materials – such as rare wood essences, precious marbles and exquisite fabrics. Of course, Angelo Cappellini’s catalogs are the most unambiguous expression of this approach to excellence, yet the customization aspect still plays a pivotal role in many interior design projects.

One of the main benefits of choosing Angelo Cappellini for classic bespoke furniture is the company’s ability to truly customize every aspect of the space. From wood finishes to upholstery, every detail of every room can be tailored to each client’s unique style and taste.

However, this is far from the only aspect to consider. In addition to the unparalleled quality and customization options, there are many other perks of choosing Angelo Cappellini for a bespoke classic interior design project.

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