Angelo Cappellini’s luxurious interior design in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Angelo Cappellini’s luxurious interior design in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

In the picturesque setting of Palm Jumeirah, an exclusive project inspired by the timeless charm of Mediterranean architecture has come to life.

The XXII Carat Club Villas residential complex – built by Forum Group – consists of twenty-two detached villas with panoramic views of Dubai’s spectacular skyline, all with large attached gardens and private swimming pools.

The location is particularly interesting, as it is an artificial island-Palm Jumeirah, in fact- within which a residential community called The Palm Crescent has been established. The entire area, which is strictly fenced off and also includes a private beach designated for residents only, is constantly guarded to ensure maximum security and enhanced by a spacious pedestrian area, several green streets, and convenient underground parking.

The twenty two villas of this gated community were made by taking inspiration from precious stones and are divided into three types: Emerald, a total of eight properties with private pools and beautiful panoramic views of Bluewaters Island; Ruby, which consists of eight villas with original U-shaped structure and three-level layout, all overlooking the Persian Gulf; and Sapphire, which includes six two-storey villas with private gardens, large covered terraces and swimming pool.

Angelo Cappellini contributed to the exclusive elegance of this luxurious residential community by furnishing the Emerald sample villa, which will serve as a showroom for the interior design of the other residential units, with his excellently crafted classic pieces.

Angelo Cappellini for Emerald Villa

The Emerald villa has an area of more than eight hundred square meters developed on two levels, and is characterized by the widespread presence of exquisite Italian marble wall coverings: a precious setting, which becomes an ideal stage for the furniture with classic lines signed by Angelo Cappellini.

The first floor hosts the living area, which consists of a large living and dining room, elegant eat-in kitchen, three bedrooms, and as many private bathrooms. To furnish the living room, the designer opted for a totally custom-made sofa upholstered in iridescent velvet in shades of purple, a color that has always portrayed nobility, prestige, and opulence.

As for the dining room, however, one’s look immediately falls on the luxurious Magnasco Baroque-style table, featuring an inlaid top specifically made at the request of the client. Surrounding it are ten dining seats with armrests, which are also custom-made in every detail, including the choice of fabrics and finishes. The chairs are further embellished by the presence, on the back of the backrest, of a lion’s head with a brass ring.

Moving toward the kitchen, it is impossible not to notice the supple Louis XVI-style bar stools: lacquered white with gold and made even more sumptuous by the presence of blue fabric, they match perfectly with the striking hues that dominate the room.

In the bedrooms present on the first floor of the villa – three out of a total of seven available and all enhanced by wardrobe and private bathroom – the choice fell instead on the fine Baroque-style furnishings of the Strauss collection, declined in warm and dark finishes with bright gold combined with ornate velvets and silk fabrics in shades of beige.

Access to the second floor of Emerald Villa coincides with access to the rooms totally dedicated to the sleeping area, where there are the guest bedrooms, three in all, and the master bedroom.

The first ones were furnished with pieces from the Brahms collection, offered here in a white lacquered version with gold and with velvets decorated in shades of brown: the striking curvilinear patterns of the bedhead fabrics enhance the sumptuous opulence of the furniture, designed by Angelo Cappellini to tell the story of the home’s most private setting with the utmost grace.

Delicate carved profiles and the synergy between different textural surfaces create an intangible balance between past and present.

Finally, with regard to the interior design of the master bedroom, the choice fell on the baroque style bedroomWagner: made in white lacquered finish with gold and enriched with precious velvets in shades of blue and azure, recalls the chromatic appeal of the sea view-and the glittering Dubai skyline-as well as the dreamlike appeal of the dream.

The end result is a precious, extremely refined environment with a strong Italian imprint but also incredibly cosmopolitan.

For the interior design of the Emerald Villa, the project created a point of connection between two complementary microcosms: the daytime area, whose convivial spaces are permeated by vibrant, defined tones in constant dialogue with warm wood finishes; and the sleeping area, in which sinuous profiles and refined carvings are illuminated by soft colors between taupe and light blue.

Tailoring skills honed over its long history and in multiple projects of international significance grant Angelo Cappellini a unique sensibility, which translates into a marked design versatility capable of combining attention to detail, materials and context.

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