Angelo Cappellini Historical Trademark of National Interest

Angelo Cappellini & C is Historical Trademark of National Interest

Angelo Cappellini & C. has been listed in the Special Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest established by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE).

An exceptional recognition of the heritage and constant commitment to excellence., Angelo Cappellini & C. Srl has been listed in the Special Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest. This registry, established by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), is a tribute that enhances the companies that have been present for at least fifty years historically related to the territory and synonymous with “Made in Italy.”

Located in Brianza, the history of Angelo Cappellini & C. Srl began in 1886, when Enrico Cappellini founded a small craft workshop in Cabiate that collaborated with the most prestigious companies in the industry, laying the foundations for a bright future. It was grandson Angelo Cappellini who lifted the family heritage, carrying on the task of creating an internationally renowned brand, capable of creating elegant and unique furniture collections.

In the ’60s when Angelo Cappellini & C. Srl was founded, it established its home at the place where furnishings that decorate luxury residences around the world are still made with passion and skill.

The wide range of products, now consisting of more than two thousand references, ranges from the living area to the bedroom, from the dining room to paneling and the kitchen, embracing the finest classical French styles. Despite this dedication to classical style, the Company also promotes technical and design innovation to meet the increasingly specific needs of the contemporary market; an example of this is the brand Opera Contemporary launched in 2010.

The collections, offered in the catalogs “New Classic Interiors,” are the tangible result of the company’s attention and vision to market trends. This constant attention not only preserves the classic style for future generations, but elevates it to new heights of beauty and sophistication.

Angelo Cappellini & C. Srl remains true to the core values of excellence and craftsmanship instilled by its founder. However, adaptability has been equally crucial. The introduction of innovative industrial techniques has enabled an increase in the flexibility and quality of proposals, ensuring that the company continues to play a leading role in the global interior design scene.

“It is with a deep sense of gratitude and pride that we welcome the prestigious Historical Trademark recognition that celebrates a history of passion, commitment and sacrifice. This honor not only represents a tribute to the past, but also a declaration of intent for the future, where the company will continue to hand down the style and art of furniture, keeping intact the values that have made it one of the excellences of Made in Italy in the world.

A sincere thank you goes out to our father, Angelo Cappellini, who started this company with dedication and passion and to all the people who have allowed us to get this far: our esteemed customers, valuable employees and trusted partners.”

Silvio, Giusy & Mariù Cappellini

Pictured: limited edition numbered silkscreen print of the first Salone del Mobile poster

The recent awarding of the Historic Mark of National Interest joins another prestigious recognition received in 2022, when the company was honored by the Salone del Mobile in Milan for fifty years of consecutive participation in this prestigious event.

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These two awards represent significant milestones along the way and demonstrate an enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in furniture and interior design.

Angelo Cappellini & C. srl Historical Trademark Made in Italy