Capitonne upholstered sofa

The Balestrieri capitonné upholstered sofa features sinuous lines and absolute comfort. Delicate softness, guaranteed by the ample padding of the seats, enveloping and deep embellished with couture details. Generous trimmings dress the seats in glamour and enhance their refined profiles.

Our sofa collection is distinguished by its elegance and the possibility of customization; in addition to different wood finishes, we offer a wide selection of fabrics and fine leathers to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Custom models can be made to make each piece unique and perfectly integrated into the design.

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Technical info

Sofa art. 60177/D3I: cm. W 300 D 115 H 106

Balestrieri capitonné upholstered sofa: sinuous shapes and enveloping seating

New Classic Interiors Hermitage

The New Classic Interiors Hermitage setting looks like a real treasure trove of opulence, where every element contributes to an atmosphere of extraordinary beauty. The walls and ceilings are adorned with frescoes of rare artistry and finely crafted paneling, embellished with golden details that elegantly catch and reflect light. Damask fabrics, with their intricate patterns and bright hues, lend a feeling of timeless luxury, while soft velvets envelop the seats with a touch of sumptuousness and comfort. In this environment, every detail is taken care of with extreme precision, creating an enveloping and unforgettable visual and sensory experience.

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