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Luxury yacht: Sanlorenzo chooses luxury classic furniture by Angelo Cappellini

Luxury yacht: Sanlorenzo chooses luxury classic furniture by Angelo Cappellini

The renowned luxury yachting brand Sanlorenzo has chosen the quality craftsmanship and excellence of execution of Angelo Cappellini to furnish the interiors of the fourth model of 52Steel, the exclusive superyacht that combines the refined elegance typical of the brand with innovative technological choices.

The extensive manufacturing know-how that is synonymous with Angelo Cappellini made it possible to realize elegant and richly tailored sets: one-of-a-kind classic-style interior design solutions that, thanks to their comprehensiveness and almost infinite customization possibilities, also reflect and translate into reality the special requests of demanding nautical designers.

“We are proud to have been chosen to participate in this prestigious project,” commented Giusy Cappellini,Vice President of Angelo Cappellini. “We found in Sanlorenzo a visionary partner who recognizes the value of Made in Italy quality and craftsmanship.

52Steel: the luxury superyacht is the perfect stage for Angelo Cappellini’s handcrafted furnishings

The Sanlorenzo-branded 52Steel luxury yacht is the epitome of Italian-quality nautical perfection: a top-of-the-line vessel that totally redefines the standards of metal superyachts by combining large interior volumes with a livable and comfortable outdoors.

Almost a villa on water that the Sanlorenzo shipyards, since 1958 the leading brand of tope-level boating considered the ultimate boutique for those in search of exclusive and valuable boats, wanted to equip with the ultimate technical innovations such as the Beach Club/Tender Garage.

To the extensive use of the glass, a material of excellence to create a scenic communication between indoor and outdoor, the superyacht 52Steel – which stretches an impressive 52 meters in overall width and has a width of more than 9 meters – combines refined interiors that turn into real lounge to live. So it is not surprising to discover that Angelo Cappellini, with his dedication to detail and painstaking selection of the best materials, has found these spaces to be the ideal stage for his own refined classic-style furniture.

After all, the love of craftsmanship is one of the characteristics these two Italian brands have in common: every design choice, every workmanship, every finish characterizes and defines the piece, giving it an unrepeatable uniqueness. The internal division of Sanlorenzo delegated to Interior Design, in charge of following the entire construction process of each yacht step by step, turned out to be the perfect interlocutor to define together with Angelo Cappellini the various furniture elements that characterized the interior design for the fourth prototype of 52Steel, completed in La Spezia shipyards in summer 2020.

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The virtuous cooperation between the two companies is evidenced by every single stylistic choice in the setting: from the mixture of the materials of the yacht with that of the furnishings-the gold leaf decorations of the sofas and armchairs, the fine woods, the exquisite textile workings of the seats, backs, and cushions-to the choice of colors. In this sense, the light blue tones of the upholstery from the Belli collection transform the living area of the boat into an environment with marine suggestions and an almost aquatic atmosphere, in silent harmony with the “liquid” panorama illustrated by the large windows. The presence of dark woods almost marks a return to the earth, while the gold details of the furniture stand as a metaphorical trait-d’union between two distinct yet complementary universes.

An overall achievement of extraordinary prestige, highlighting Italian excellence not only in terms of construction but also in terms of stylistic uniqueness: visually spectacular environments in which everything is designed to look and operate at its best.

It goes without saying that the interior spaces of the luxury yacht 52Steel were made and furnished with totally tailor-made solutions, from the choice of materials and finishes – fine fabrics and leathers, noble woods, marbles – up to the sizes and shapes of furniture, as in the case of the baroque style dining table made to accommodate twelve diners, with a barrel top and specially modified bases to allow anchoring to the floor.

The classic style which made Angelo Cappellini world-famous could only be the inevitable completion of a prototype boat particularly generous in accommodations and amenities: this superyacht in fact includes two VIP cabins, three guest cabins, a large owner’s apartment forward, two large lounges on the main deck, a gymnasium with a swimming pool, and a variety of living areas in the outdoor areas.

Angelo Cappellini for yachting: classic furniture declined in custom projects

When it comes to the interior design for luxury yachts and superyachts, identifying a competent and experienced partner is crucial to achieve aesthetically and functionally flawless projects.

An international reference in the production of classic furniture of quality Italian craftsmanship, Angelo Cappellini also collaborates with architects and interior designers specializing in the nautical and naval fields, creating exclusive luxury classic furniture for prestigious vessels.

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Beginning with its extensive catalog and the spectacular collections which, to today, find place in some of the most exclusive settings in all over the world, the team of Angelo Cappellini works in close communication with the brand builder, owner or its designers to bring to life the totally tailor-made solutions, meeting the challenging and articulated needs of a luxury market niche such as the shipping industry, which requires compliance with very high quality standards.

Discover catalogs, exclusive selection of materials, and collections of classic furnishings and accessories that grace any room-and even luxurious boating experiences.

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