In 1886, Enrico Cappellini set up a small artisanal workshop engaged in supplying some of the most important firms in the furniture business but it was his grandson Angelo Cappellini who was to crown his dream by creating an internationally renowned brand with the capacity to produce elegant and unique collections. Despite its longstanding tradition, the company continues to treasure the values of excellence and craft production so dear to its founder, while the introduction of innovative industrial techniques has conferred greater flexibility and higher quality to the product offering.


The manufacturing process adopted by Angelo Cappellini consists of more than ten steps and it alternates artisanal and industrial phases in perfect synergy. In this context, the phases implemented with latest generation machinery are combined with the experience and technical knowhow of master craftsmen to make manufacturing processes more efficient, in accordance with tradition and the values of “hand-made” production. It is in fact this synergic fusion, flanked by a keen attention to detail, which distinguishes the collections of a brand that is renowned and appreciated worldwide for its unique and exclusive style of superb quality.

Stylistic innovation

From artisanal workshop to a company able to offer multiple services, today Angelo Cappellini handles complex and conglomerate orders, from design to logistics, from coordination to installation. Trade professionals are provided with services such as stylistic and engineering design, project management, customized production, the coordinated selection of accessories and finishes, logistics services.