MILAN 2018

Leading furniture producer Angelo Cappellini is back at the internationally renowned Salone del Mobile with a fresh style that offers a relaxed take on some of its most famous pieces

Angelo Cappellini’s 220 square metre display area at Salone del Mobile 2018 is a haven of original style, reinterpreting classic designs and delivering a more relaxed take on shaping and finishes without – of course – renouncing their ancient roots in the fields of craftsmanship and carpentry, which shine through in truly sumptuous detailing. In short, it is a study in the evolution of classic design, providing a snapshot of its current form.

The entrance – festooned with lush vegetation – leads to the display space, which is split into five different areas all brimming with elegant, sober grandeur.

The brand’s bespoke ethos is clear to see in the lounge area, complete with bar. Two sofas with high seat cushions ensure maximum comfort, their engraved structured underscored by the bronze finish, which creates a pleasing contrast with the modern lines of the padded sofas. Elegant, capitonnè armchairs complete with metal structure provide the perfect accompaniment to the sofa, recreating that stunning Louis XV style with the bronze-plated finish.

The bar – black with bronze detailing – is a fine example of the brand’s tailor-made approach to design. It is paired here with bar stools complete with footrests.

The living area is home to a sofa with engraved base and bronze detailing, which draws the gaze up to the comfortable seat cushions. A delicate arrangement of three-legged side tables, available in four types, takes the best of wood and marble and brings it together with stunning elegance. A dormouse – with more metallic detailing – creates an inviting, comfy corner for more relaxed socialising. But perhaps the standout piece is the side table in metal and wood with engraved cobra: a truly enchanting work of art.

A majestic, large table features an elegant inlaid pattern combining wood and metal. Meanwhile, two cabinets with metal bases – in the bar and sideboard versions – reprise the same, elegant pattern on the doors.

Last but not least, poufs are arranged to recreate the flowing lines of the Angelo Cappellini logo.

The bedroom is home to a bed with stunning headboard featuring delicate waterlilies embroidered in aquamarine and vintage pink. The wooden structure is a tribute to the brand’s age-old carpentry traditions, while a bronze finish is added to take it to the next level. The side table and vanity desk maintain the classical vibe, with their decorations and gold-leaf finish.

To maximise the air of relaxation and socialising, the sleeping area also features graceful armchairs and sofas whose shaping and finishes complement those of the bedroom. A side table with inlaid design in the shape of a carp is the very embodiment of appeal of Angelo Cappellini.

With the brand’s passion for craftsmanship showing no signs of letting up, Angelo Cappellini presents a unique collection jam-packed with clever detailing and contrasts. The Milan event is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the classic heritage of the Como-based company, which has now been brought up to date with fresh colour and material combinations. These have breathed new life into the latest pieces, which provide bespoke solutions to specific client needs.